training after dental surgery

Hello, I was wondering if i could get some advice here. I am going to get 3 of my wisdom teeth removed. 2 tops and 1 bottom. I was wondering what types of mma traing i can engage in after this. I'm definately not doing stand up sparring for at least 2 months and should probably wait longer.

You are going to feel like crap for at least a couple days and any training other than lifting will probably hurt the swollen area too much. As the swelling goes down, you can probably start cardio and shadow boxing. Then probably light grappling once the soreness wears off. Lastly, of course, you can get into the sparring. I would ask your oral surgeon what he thinks, although he probably has little understanding of what kind of training you do. I think two months is long enough before stand up sparring. Again, I would ask your surgeon, but I think that 6 weeks is probably enough.

Maybe I'm the exception here but I felt fine immediatly after I left the office. I had an eye appointment 1 hour later. Don't beleive what they say about having to take your pain pills on a full stomach; you do NOT want the local to wear off.

My holes were healed up in ~2 weeks and everything was fine YMMV.