Training after having a Tat done?

My Tattooist told me to avoid swimming afterward until the scabs had fell off, which I did.

What other limitations does having a new tat have. training-wise?


I would wait at least till the scabs fell off before rolling.

You don't wont to scar it up.

The sweating from rolling with a gi or the mats will peal the scabs off and pull some of the ink out with it probably.

the correct is strong on this thread.

heres a short story.

i knew this mexican cat in Texas who had his last name tatted on his back, i think it was about 3 days later or so when he got into a fight and when they clinched up the other guy scratced his shit open and you could literally see the ink comin out.


Each and every time I get a tattoo I simply don't want to wait to practice. I've gone to practice the next day and at the very worst it simply hurt. Not saying its smart to do but I've never lost color or done any damage.

i went right back to bjj a few days after getting a new tattoo... it's faded (do to cracking and bleeeding) to the point where i'm getting it covered. looks bad, bro.

I've just never had a problem but maybe I'm an exception. Do what you're comfortable with.

Cheers guys.