Still looking for some help down here with my team American MMA. Offering some of the best Judo, and BJJ training in the world for almost nothing. Also a chance to compete MMA, Box, MT, Judo and BJJ against some of the best in Brazil. Not to mention a place to stay and transport.


Please only experianced MA'ists who are serious.


What kind of help are you looking for? Fighters, coaches, towel boys?

Too bad I am such a wimp. Brazil would be cool.

 TTT 4 American MMA

Sorry Neil

Fighters who can coach is what I need

Someone who will fight the locals and teach about 5-10 hours a week.

you say transportation and stay in taken care of? how long you need help for? email

I am working on a plan ticket but nothing is confirmed yet. But yes when here transport is taken care of.

 Does it have to be a pro or ammy fighter?

A kid at my academy trains pretty hard and has decent MMA, helps instruct begginers / novice classes, and has traveled to Brazil several times already to train down there.  He just hasn't had his first fight yet.   I'm sure he would jump at an opportunity like this if he qualified. 

Have him email me Morgz....

 Will do.

By the way I saw you fight a few years ago at Wild Bills outside of Atlanta.  I recall it being a fantastically enterntaining and back and forth struggle.  I can't say that for many other fights I saw several years ago.  I think you lost a close decision but it was a great fight.  Thanks for doin it.

whats your website? Who coaches the BJJ at your gym?

Yeah I need a website......

The Judo is coached by Quiroz Jr. who is on the selection team that coaches the Brazilain national team. He is one brother of 9 Judo Black Belts and is a true warrior of fighting. Has coached great MMA fighters early in the game with Judo like Luis Sapo Santos (look him up)he is one of 50+Black Belts Quiroz Jr. has.

The BJJ is Gracie Barra Piaui, it is coached by Marcelo "Royler" who is a first degree Black Belt under the Gracie Barra in Rio. He is about 130 pounds and one of the most techniqal coaches I have ever worked with and I come from Vaghi BJJ under Rickson. He took 3rd at Masters at the Rio International Worlds this year. He is master to some great athletes at the purple and Brown level. Very good to train with. Very professional daily training.


Thanks man, that fight did a lot for me in this game and yeah if it was in my city I win that one. Have fought 2 times here in Brazil winning both. First fight by armbar in the 3rd and my second fight TKO in the first. Fighting again in Dec.

I really need a website!

you can view some photos at my orkut account

Aaron and Betty is the name of the account

Teresina Brazil

Cool man! TTT

I wish i was able to move to Brazil. I just got my MFS blackbelt from Pat Miletich. I went to Rio last winter for 2 wks to train and im going again this january also for 3 weeks.