Training as a Southpaw

Spent the entire class the other day training in a southpaw stance. Woah, possibly the most confusing thing I've ever done since I started training. It certainly got me thinking more as we were defending against pads and the like as well as throwing combos. Obviously the ability to switch stances is useful when fighting to confuse the opposition, but does anyone else regularly train 'the wrong way round'? Does it get any f*cking easier??!?!




I'm right handed and fight Southpaw.

Soup nazi is correct, very little technique discussed here currently. Is Khun Kao still writing his book?

Bad Brad, why is that?

I am left-handed and strangely enough, fight left-handed. My Kru, Matee is left-handed as well. I also got to train with Jarentong Kiet Bahn Chong.I am in pretty good company ;-)

There's a couple of guys at our school that are righties that fight left handed.I try it but it's hard I have a hard time with my left round house kicks.

I fight with both but I'm alot better with my left leg than my right.
I've been trying to work on that for a year but it still doesn't feel right.


I do karate but...

"but does anyone else regularly train 'the wrong way round'? Does it get any f*cking easier??!?!"

I'm naturally a southpaw, and since most of the rest of the fighting world is right handed I regularly train the "other" side.

Yes it gets easier in the sense that you won't feel like a ruptured duck flapping around and you will be able to do the same stuff with both sides of your body. Even so, things still feel smoother and more natural on my strong side.




I am left handed, but when i first started training, did so as a right handed fighter. It took some getting used to. In 1-2 months you should be perfectly comfortable fighting southpaw. Watch out though, your going to have a habit of switching back to right handed for a while, especially during hard training or tough sparring. Be conscious of that and you should be fine.