im off all next week due to "reading week" so if anyone wants to train during the day im free.

email me if interested (this sounds like a dating service add...........oh well;)



Training. I remember doing that. DAMN INJURIES!!!

Some of us who work and train all the time FEARLESS1, can't make it in due to work commitments. Though the opportunity to train with you and whip you back into shape BJJ shape would fun.

Man, you got to start coming in more during the week or weekends to train. It's been awhile since you've been in and we haven't rolled in a long time.

The girlfriend and school shouldn't be excuses. My work schedule and girlfriend dont interfere that much.

GET your ass into the club more. Your missed by everyone.


i wish it were that easy wiley.

im almost done school (in 6 months) and ill be a civil engineer finally. i wish i could just change time but i cant. ive been doing a technical report that has to be 100 hours worth of research and writing(its killing me)

as you know, its a pain not coming in because you miss some great techniques and hanging out with the guys (girls too).

dont worry wiley you have my word when things slow down ill be in.

(then ill tap your ass...............damn that sounded gay)