Training at Marcio Simas

Any of you guys train at Marcio Simas? What are thoughts? Is it a really competitive school? There are 2 locations, do they have the same instructors at both?



Not training there, but I know many of the guys there. They are very, very solid!

Hey Guys,

To clarify, I don't really want to be at a really competitive school. I'm kind of at new stage in my training where I just want to have a little fun a balance of life, not so much training for competition etc...I've just relocated here from Los Angeles and was looking for some recommendations for BJJ schools in Orlando or the Brevard County area.



Elite BJJ DeLaRiva Central Florida

Marcello Menezes

we have some guys that are on the same boat as you, just want to train and have fun

The guys at GB Orlando (Marci Simas) are great people. You will have no problem there regardless if you compete or not.

Marcio instructs at the Mills Av. academy and Gutty Muggiati instructs at the Sandlake academy. Both guys are top ranked Barra black belts. We have 11 black belts and lots of others including whites. Most of us are working adults who just like to train and have a good time. Come on by and try it out. Everyone is very friendly and love to train. You can shoot me an email at if you have any questions.

I trained at Marcios academy for about a year it was a very competition driven school dont get me wrong marcio is a good instructor but I now currently train with the most complete and inviting school in Florida... Gracie Orlando not to mention the instructor is Jon Burke which is one of only five black belts under the legendary Royce Gracie. Jon is the best. You owe it to yourself to give his school a try. For what your saying on your thread it seems like Gracie Orlando is the place for you. Any questions feel free to call me at (352)547-9236 or contact Gracie Orlando direct and talk to Jon at (407)905-9982.

I have trained at marcio's it is "competitive" , but I dont think that is a bad thing. Everyone there was always super cool ; even the pro fighters , very down to earth.

I currently train with Edger Dutra and Betao Nunes both are black belts teaching out of Palm Bay in Brevard county ( . It is a very new school and not really "competitive" . The first generation of students are mostly older guys with families and 9-5's .Right now we are mostly white belts with some blues who have less than a year of training . We could use some more good training partners .Feel free to stop by the first class is free.....

Edger and Betao came to our tournament at GB Clearwater last year.  They were super nice guys.  I know Mike who posted above from Mario Simas's school.  Great guy.  No idea about Jon Burke.  But--seems to me you've got some good choices anyway.  However, I most familiar with the guys at Marico Simas and they are great guys.

ATT going to open new school in November.

American Top Team has a school at University and Alafaya Tr, right across the street from UCF.

You can train as hard as you want with us.

I have been training at Gracie Barra Orlando for almost 2 years. I train at the Sand Lake Rd. location, where Gutty Muggiati is the head instructor. I drive from Brevard County to train (about 50 miles each way.)

I've heard about a new school that just opened in Brevard, and although I am tempted to go there because it's closer, I'm so pleased with the level of instruction at Marcio's that I am happy to continue driving to Orlando to train. Gutty is a world champion and a great instructor.

Most of the guys at the Sand Lake location are what I would describe as BJJ "hobbyist", so you might want to give us a try. I think most of the hardcore fighters train at the Mills Ave. location.