Training at more than 1 gym

I wonder how many people train the "same style" like BJJ at more than one place, not BJJ at one place and MT at another gym. I have met some gyms that wont allow you to train at any other place, is that common?

The dudes at Powerhouse threw me out after they found out Ive been going to a 24 hour fitness as a guest to use the pool.

did you start screaming "but i pissed in thier pool"?

In my experience, the TMA schools around me would not allow training at any other school, but the BJJ/mma schools are all cool about it. -Plus it depends who you are, if unlike me you're a stud then most schools are happy to have you around no matter where else you train.

We dont let people train at other places for 2 reasons...1) im really not sure about what the other places are showing and 2) and more importantly, if someone brings ringworm over from one of those shit hole places im gonna kill somebody!!!

lol @ not allowing. IF they want to train you for free, they can set the rules. Otherwise, fuck that shit.

If you need to train at others places to excel your game than do it.

I train with 5 different gyms. Anywhere I can learn.

I dont care where my guys train. Paying or non paying, your only going to get better by mixing it up. I have always promoted this. There is only one thing I could think of that would be an exception:

Fighter John trains with Team A and learns all or most of his stuff there, trains there for a long time etc etc. Eventually John starts training with Team B supplementaly with the approval and support of his team and then starts telling people he trains with Team B for reasons of prestige or status or whatever. Then I could see a team or coach from Team A getting pissed about it and telling him to get lost.

What about the gyms who say, "We don't want you training at other gyms because we compete against them, and you might show them our stuff?"

I think you should train at more than one. My only gripe would be that if you have any success, you recognize both gyms.

I dont really understand the point of showing what u pick up a place A to people at place B. We are not talking about ninjutsu in the 80s or BJJ in the early 90s, we are talking about 2006. It is not like there is alot of hidden knowledge left in BJJ. An armbar is an armbar is an armbar.

For a gym/team which has people compete, it makes perfect sense to disallow members from training with opposing schools. As much as MMA/bjj/mt are individual sports, every great athelete comes from a great team with solid training partners and coaches. Just like when Kendall on TUF gave info to Soloman and people thought it was shitty.

otoh, if the school is NOT training competitive fighters, then I wouldn't see any problem.

"not allowing" is bull.i train where i can when i can.
i do have one place i consider my school,but if my teacher said i would have to stop going else where i would not consider it my school.

keeping an open mind is how mma has gotten to where it is now if not bjj would still be winning every combat /fighting event out there.

The only problem I can see is when there's a local tournie and you have to decide which one you represent.

hunter V is correct

i had to look for judo and boxing as my main school lacked it.


If you are training at more than one school that has a competition-team orientation, it creates a problem:  Which school gets the "credit" for making you a good competitor, and the points you score added to their team score?

A simple way to determine this is to pick ONE school that you are going to represent, and let both places know who that is.  There may or may not be a problem to be resolved after that with attending classes, but at least it's an honest and resposible way to approach it and everyone knows up-front exactly where they stand.

I also see more and more people (myself included) training with multiple organizations due to the fact that some specialize in BJJ with the gi, some specialize in no-gi submission wrestling, and some are almost purely MMA oriented.  I personally don't even see a problem with representing different schools for each of the three sports, as they ARE three entirely separate sports now, with very different approaches to training.  It be like joining a football team, a rugby team, and a soccer team, all at the same time.

Now, if someone isn't planning to ever compete, I don't see a problem with training at several schools at the same time at all.  But if they change their mind in the future, credit needs to be given where it is due, and some kind of "loyalty" to one particular school becomes more of an issue.

My two cents.

My situation was I was training at an MMA plac who offered BJJ as well as SW and MT and contacted two "pure" BJJ schools and they wouldnt let me train at the MMA school as well as training at their place. Booollsheet IMO.

The assistant manager at McDonald's found out I was eating whoppers down the street at BK and needless to say I haven't been allowed to have a Big Mac in quite sometime.