training at UNC Charlotte???

I am looking for a training partner or club on campus. any info would be great. hit me up at


it's a trek. like 5-6hrs

Thanks. Still looking

why dont you check out Joe Hurst's Academy in Concord. We have at least two students that go to UNCC. They generally car pool and I often stop by the campus on the way to class to give them rides as needed. It only takes 10-15 minutes to get to the academy from there. If you are interested feel free to call me on my cell 704-609-2968.


Chris Toher

the main factor is money issues. I have none. That's why i was looking for some place to train in campus. But i would love to train.

Do you have any bjj or mma experience?

Joe has discounted rates for college students. You should talk to him and see what can be worked out.

I gave one of our instructors your contact info. did he call you? I am going this Wed if you are interested give me a call. Thanks Chris Toher

irish yeah i got in contact with cheif. i have just been so busy with school i don't really have the time to train right now. thanks for the info though.