Training: Back on Track... (sorta)

So, I finally ventured back into the gym today after taking a few days off to let my calf rest. My calf hasn't been bothering me too much the last day or so, and I was thinking that I might be good to go now.

First, pre-workout weigh-in: 204 lbs

Cool! That is only 1/2 lb above my best pre-workout weight. I'm pretty pleased that my weight has stayed put despite a few days lay-off (and all the Thai food I chowed down on at the Songkran Festival this weekend)

I start my run slow, but gradually increase my pace until I'm running at a pretty darn good clip at the end of mile #1. I timed it...

8.5 minute mile! Woohoo! My best time yet!!!

I decided to cut back on the pace of my 2nd mile, as to not overdo it. Turns out that this was a VERY wise decision. As I slowed down, I felt my calf start to gradually tighten up more and more. I only got 1/3 of my 2nd mile completed before I had to call it quits. My calf is sore again, but the rest of my body feels much better.

On Saturday, when my calf being sore caused me to stop, it was before I really had gotten my heart rate up, so I was just never able to get into my workout after that. But today, I was able to continue with my workout and got in some decent reps.

I'm just going to keep stretching, massaging, and using the Thai liniment on this until it loosens up. I'll continue to stay off it as best as I can. But I feel much more on track this week than I did this last weekend.

Khun Kao

Cool! Are you back into a full kickboxing workout yet(pads, heavy bag, ect) or are you just running and trying to drop weight?

For now, I'm focusing on losing the weight and getting back into shape. It'll probably be hard to continue losing weight at the same pace that I have so far. I've lost 25 lbs in the last 2 months. I expect it to get harder and harder to drop weight.

Even so, I figure that by mid- to late summer, I should be able to get down near 185 lbs, which is the weight I want to reach before I start considering whether I want to do any serious Muay Thai training. If I am able to get my weight down there, I will consider training to fight again.

Khun Kao