Training BJJ w/o health insurance

Does anyone on here train BJJ without health insurance?

The reason I ask is becuase I'll be in the process of switching jobs, and my insurance may be cut off for 3 months or so. Would it be a wise decision for me to take a break from training?

I haven't had any injuries (thank God) but I would hate to have to pay out of pocket in case something occurs. Am I thinking realistically?

I trained for 5 years without insurance. Unless you break something, most problems go away on their own. If you get staph, a $100 doc visit will take care of it.

Are you in the U.S.?

If so, you have some alternatives, and I can provide you with some general advice.


Yes, I live in the U.S. Can you give me some more info? Thanks.

This is general information, and not legal advice, FYI.

If your current employer offers you health insurance, and employs more than 20 employees, they will be subject to a law called "COBRA". COBRA requires them to provide you with the opportunity to continue coverage under their group health plan after termination. However, COBRA coverage can be expensive, since you will pay the full premium (which is usually ablut 5 to 10 times the amount you were paying by payroll deduction).

However, COBRA does not need to be elected immediately. You generally have 44 days after termination to elect to take COBRA, and then you have some additional time to pay the premiums which have become due. You may want to wait out the 44 days, and elect to enroll, then not pay the premiukm until you're sure whether you need it (in other words, you would not have coverage during this time, but could get it retroactively if you were to get injured.

One complication is if you have any preexisting injuries or other conditions for which you would seek treatment under your new job's plan. Is the three month period a "waiting period" imposed by your new employer, or is it a period during which you will be unemployed?

Thanks for the info. I just used 3 months (90 days) as an example, since I know a lot of employers don't provide insurance coverage until after the employee's probabtion period.

Ah. Well the "magic number" is 63 days, but only if you remain unemployed for that period. If you go right from employer to employer, but have no coverage solely due to a waiting period, my concern about preexisting conditions doesn't apply.

I am currently rolling with no health insurance. I stopped it just recently for various reasons but everytime I'm doing takedowns with a wrestler, I think to myself after class, "Man your dumb, what if you posted your hand out or took one on your head." I haven't really needed Health Insurance for the past few years besides a case of food poisoning from some bad swordfish and I'm still in my 20's so I figure if there's one time in my life to go with out it, it would be now and only for a little while.

honestly...i would train but not train balls to walls...dont roll with psychos and do a lot of flow type rolling and drills to keep you sharp. you dont want to end up as one of those nightmare stories.

i have been there before and thank God I was never injured during an uninsured period

get insurance

There are basically two kinds of health plans, low deductible and high deductible (major medical).

If you take a VERY high deductible, the premium is very cheap (like a %5,000-$20,000 deductible); but you'd be covered in the event of a "catastrophe."

Shop around, it might not be as financially out of reach as you think.

It's a tough call. I am currently without insurance too and am nervous about training - though to be honest my lack of training right now is more due to lack of time/money and an abundance of laziness than insurance. But in 2001 at the ripe age of 26 I was one of nightmare cases where I was very lucky to have health coverage. Had I not had it I would be 80-100K in debt right now. So, yes, I am nervous about training without health insurance. Of course if a great school said to me "we're having a free training special for old and slow out of shape white belts if you join right now" then I might have to consider it, insurance or no insurance.

I trained for a few years without insurance. I hurt my knee a few times, but it healed.

I've had major injuries since I've got insurance...cut achilles, back problems, popped knees, torn groin...ect...