training/ bulging disc

ok so i am currently training with a bulging L5/S1.
i can lift weights (no squats or deads), run, and do some boxing pad work (no sparring yet).

as of right now i can not do kickboxing/grappleing/bjj

have any of you guys returned from such an injury to train again? how long did it take you? not training full force is killing me right now.

i have 3 herniated disc.  the most important thing is to stretch, keep you abs really strong cause it supports your back.  try to incorporate swimming into your workout.  it has the elements of resistance, cardio in it.  try water walking.  it really help your back get stronger without straining.  i don't suffer from pain anymore because of these things.  hope it works for you.  good luck

do you grapple or anything like that?

yes i do.  i train with Josh sky.....he's my Muay thai instructor and i also train with Carmine zocchi who is a brown belt in JJ.  It's all about ab strength and effective stretching.

good to hear.
is there any particular stretching books/videos that you reccomend?

where in NY are u ? i live in jersey and work in manhattan.

1 more ?, any particular ab excercises that you reccomend?

I have an inversion board it is a life saver. You guys should try it for your backs.