training/ bulging disc

ok so i am currently training with a bulging L5/S1. i can lift weights (no squats or deads), run, and do some boxing pad work (no sparring yet).
as of right now i can not do kickboxing/grappleing/bjj

have any of you guys returned from such an injury to train garppling etc. again? how long did it take you? not training full force is killing me right now.

I herniated L5 for the third time 8 weeks ago. I was out for 6 weeks. First week was unbearable pain. I'm fully back to judo now.

I have a bulging L5, had it for many years. I find that any gentle stretching for the lower back helps, as does low-weight sumo deads.

Decompressing the spine is a crap shoot for me, even laying on my back with the legs up can be dicey. I do it, but every once in a long while, just the act of shifting my weigh lightly will paralyze me with pain.

However, I do judo and karate with very little discomfort.

My knees, on the other hand, are another story :-/

I just remembered, my PT told me to do a couple of different versions of 'heel-slides' and leg raises, making sure to tilt the pelvis forward (flattening the back) first and throughout the excercises.

This helped tremendously when I had one of those painful bouts.