Training Elbows and Conditioning?

Hey guys,

Just had my first day back in the gym after getting over some injuries (well, sort of:-) Anyway, my knee isn't 100%, so I'm concentrating more on defense, hands, and elbows (first time training). Found a great gym with a Thai trainer, guys who’ve done Muay Thai and fought in Shootboxe in Japan, etc. Now for the question.

I have some tedonitis in my elbows (celebrex+acupuncturist+R.I.C.E= okay) and after working the pads tonight my right elbow is kind of swollen... do you get used to this? I don't mind it hurting, but I don't want to get swelling that presses some tendons the wrong way and makes me take a long break (from training or writing up my PhD). Do you guys wear pads for elbows, throw any linament or ice on afterwards, or just suck it up?



back off when you're swelled up, or you'll make it worse and you'll have no choice. ice is good in intervals and I know a lot of people who swear by thai oil.

Hi ruthlesstoothless, thanks for the advice. Kyle