Training far away and Gas prices

I live approximately over a hour to the school I train at and any other legit one.With the Gas Prices at 3 bucks a gallon I can't afford to go and only going once a week would be not be worth it with the monthly fee.
I tried to get something locally but the few guys that have a "MMA" class at the local Mcdojo do it in the mornings when I am at work.I could go at lunch but that would leave me about 4o minutes to train and they only have it 1 maybe 2 days a week at 45 bucks a month.
Training would be a decent workout but technique would be mediocre IMO.

I hate living in BFE

I have the same problem. The school is one hour away, and gas prices are through the roof. My jeep gets around 10 miles to the gallon. Still go three or more days a week though. Addicted to MMA.

Just start your own MMA school.  That's what I did.

See what you can get on a trade in for your car,

Toyota has a new car doesn't look too bad gets called yaris there are 3 different ones they avg 40 MPG and runs 10-13k.

The civic hybrid runs about 19k and is very similar to the Prius (below) but looks liek a civic.

If you have some spare cash look into the Toyota Prius. gets about 50 MPG and is a decent lookin car not to mention a bunch of cool extras. runs about 24-30k dpending what you want.

Then if you got more money there is the Accord hybrid which starts at like 30k and its NICE.

OH! and Toyota just came out with the Camry hybrid but I dunno much of anything about it but a regular camry runs about 18k.

if your not lookin for a hybrid ther are still plenty of cars that get really good gas mileage. The Carolla, Camry, civic, etc... (note the first car mentioned )

I just did a bunch of car research lookin for a new car. I wanted a prius but my uncle got in my ear and talked me into buyin the Chrystler 300.

BenStark, thats what I'm talking about! A man who would trade in his car that he prolly loves, just to be able to train. Awesome.

I'm waiting for the 100 MPG car to come out! Once that gets out...fuck if gas price reaches $5 bucks a gallon...wouldn't matter.

If you can find one I used to drive a Geo Storm GSi that got almost 40 mpg and I only gave like $1000 for it.  Very small, not a lot of room but excellent mileage and very kart-like with the 5 speed.  Fun to drive, but not much good otherwise.

That Yaris really caught my eye also... and im not one for those types of cars

But i still need my SUV as i have a herd of GreyHounds to lug around all the time !!! to love dogs!

Yeah you could just find a POS junker used for WAY cheap that runs and gets good mileage for liek 500-1000 bucks. Just use it to drive to train.

From a Prius to a Chrysler 300, lol what a sell. Did you get the Hemi so you can get 12 mpg?

Gas prices might be expensive but the cost of buying a new or anotehr car won't offset the gas prices in the lng run. Hell even with a Prius the extra $5-10k over say a standard Civic means you got to drive 300k miles to start realizing any costs savings.

I train at three places the closest is 1 hr 15 min away. I had to get my cable cut off for the extra gas money.

why not move or get a higher paying job?

I just traded in my big SUV for a small 4banger so I can drive and train. I was spending more than $400 a month just driving to and from work so add driving farther to train and the cost was getting out of hand. The kids don't have as much room but they aren't paying for sh*t :-)

I got the 300 touring. Mileage aint too bad but its not good.

Its marked as 25 a gallon but you only get like 20.

The special feeling for driving a nice car wears off after 1 or 2 months.

In another year or so i'll trade it in, get a Civic hybrid or a Yaris and prolyl get a fat check back for a couple grand.

Its my first car, my uncle just got in my ear, I was stupid and i knew it as soon as I wrote the check. Its OK tho I love my car and it looks really nice.

I'll just know better for the future.

I had the same problem about 3 years ago.

The school I trained at was roughly 93miles away from where I lived. (The only place worth going to anyway.) and it took me about an hour and a half each way, along with the personal training fee's...It costed ALOT! Not anywhere near what gas cost's today but hey, when your dedicated to your sport, you'll find a way!

Good luck sir!! I wish you the best!

you cant go wrong with a civic.

i just got rid of my grand cherokee and got a dodge caliber. 26/30, but we'll see how that really goes.

buy a scooter

Metro transit is your friend.

well, vespa is making a hybrid scooter now.. its like the best of both worlds!!

(blue namer help?)