Training Footage?

Are there any DVDs out there that have a ton of training footage? Any specifically dedicated to this, I love the extras on the DVDs but I'd like to see a lot more on how the pros train. Doesn't need to be an instructional, I really just enjoy watching the pros train.


1. Day of the Zen - Mario Sperry & Brazilian Top team.

2. The smashing machine - Mark Kerr


I really need to buy me a copy of Smashing Machine when I get some money. Thank you, btw.

Any more suggestions?

have you got "choke"?

This sort of thing is what I look for also but there's not a whole lot of this type of stuff out there (without getting straight instructional video's).

rites of passage is good.

& yes "The Smashing machine" is a must have.


This might interest you.

I took all of the footage that I have of me and my instructor rolling and put it on DVD. It's unbelievable how much info I have gleaned from it.

Take care

if u get smashing machine not only do u get to watch the movie but u also get to see ricco feel chicks up and spank them in a club not only that but he doesn a HANDSTAND on the dance floor.. (the next day he gets knocked out by bas in training) ..its great