Training for 1st Spartan Trifecta TME

I got a whole new perspective on life when my brother passed away at 31 in July and decided to take control of my life. I am 30, 5'11, and weigh 287 (was 298 before I quit drinking Jan 1). I decided to go all in with this and commit myself to doing my first ever Spartan Trifecta (New England). Other than getting back into BJJ in Nov, I haven't worked out in years. Due to the balmy 70 degree weather in Boston today, I decided to start running. Tonight I did 3mi in 47:13 ( 16:44/15:47/14:41). Other than a Zombie 5k years ago, I have never done anything like this before. Does anyone have advice on goals that I should be setting for myself as far as length and time go while getting ready for the sprint in June? Any training advice is greatly appreciated!

Run, work on pullups and grip strength, do some burpees, do some carries with a 5 gallon bucket of rocks, and shed as many pounds ad you can. If just finishing is your goal you will be fine.

I recommend writing down your exercise schedule and making it a priority to stick to it.  Be specific on it and put exactly which exercises you will do each day, when you will do cardio, how much, etc.  Print it out and put it up so you see it as soon as you get it.  Bring a copy with you to the gym so you know what to do and keep track of your progress.  Best of luck.


I agree with Blackhearts.  Track every workout.  It kind of becomes a journal you can look back on to recall how for you have come over time while also allowing you to remember what you did last Tuesday when progressing in your next workout.

Have an actual plan.  If you just randomly pick stuff to do when you workout and randomly pick when you work out there's far more of a chance you get now where or just quit.  Set short term and long term goals, have a plan to get there and evaluate how that plan is working along the way.

Also, since it sounds like you are looking to lose weight, remember that your diet is going to be the biggest factor in you reaching that kind of goal.

Good luck.