Training for a 10K


So I know I need to get in shape and lose weight. I've had great difficulty staying motivated because I am not training for anything. In fact, I'll not compete in wrestling or BJJ ever again in all likelihood. I enjoy lifting weights but I don't eenjoy cardio at all. In an effort to try to stick with a running program, I decided to run a 10k in 8 weeks. The first month of the training programI am using is in the picture above. I am not running for speed. I'm not running to win. My only goal is to finish. Just reach that goal. Then I will set a new goal and move forward from there.

Today I finished the Week 1 workouts. I always run farther than what is recommended, but I didn't feel like I loosened up until about 2 miles into the 3 mile run and when I hit the three mile mark, I wanted to get 3 good miles done today, so I ended up doing a total of 4-5 miles. My Apple Watch said I did 4, the treadmill said 5. I don't know which one is accurate. At any rate, I went over and beyond requirements.

Anyone here run a 10k? Anyone run regularly and do some of these distance type races? Any tips?