Training for a tournament now...

I am training hard, working on skills and eating right. How should I prepare mentally for my upcoming tournament?

Give me more details about the tournament and your experience.


1st time competing, but I hate to lose. I've been doing straight Judo for about one year. I wrestled a little in high school. I've been rolling and practicing submission since I watched the first UFC. I practice Yoga. What else would you like to know?

FIrst tournament? Go have fun. Just go and enjoy yourself. The best way to mentally prepare for something that only matters to the 'ego' is to crush the 'ego' in advance by severing any & all attachments to 'self-worth' in relation to outcome.

After the tournament, loof at what you did & how you felt and then [and really only then ] can you create a mental training prgram.

Make sense?


Thanks, I think I'll just go win instead.


"Thanks, I think I'll just go win instead."

Tell me I didn't waste my time & energy sharing my thoughts with you becasue I couln't tell if your comment was humor or sarcasm?


You know Zucs.
The reply you got maked alot of sence. It just seems your ego covers your will to learn what was tought..
When I fought my first tournement I told myself to see it as a new way of training (caus when you think about it it's only sparring with someone you don't know). This really helped me caus I had lots of fun which made me forget I was nervous which made me relax and fight even better. I did't win the thing but didn't loose em all either. I empressed everyone most importantly myself. So I still tell/calm myself with that thought when I fight.
Sorry if the spelling is a bit off I'm not english.