Training for armwrestling?

What exercises (lowtech please) help me to become stronger in armwrestling?

Thanx. Others?

Here are a couple of links that I have saved:

Lots of good info on these sites. Good luck!

try not to break your arm o_O

I watched some armwrestling the other day and it was pretty damned cool.

Saw some old guys whooping some young whipper snapper ass on the table.

Father Strength!

That will help me crushing my enemies.

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an armwrestler that won at a yukon jack tournament once told me heavy hammer curls.

What level would you like to achieve?

Against general opponents, try to curl the wrist in towards yourself (wrist curling strength) and change the stress from the rotator cuff to the biceps. You'll have a lot more success this way, if you traing the wrist and bicep curls.

Otherwise, you want to develop the internal rotators, as mentioned. You can mimick the exercise with cables pretty easily, and with dumbells a little harder.


Thanx. I want to be able to beat strong people that arenm´t in the sport.

Yeah, def. work on the technique i mentioned. I have no idea how much of that is competition technique (i have no knowledge of that at all) but it does wonders against regular folk.

Over the summer, my GF's little sister challenged me to a match. The rules were that she was allowed to use both hands, and it didnt matter where here elbows were. She couldnt budge me and then my GF joined in, using the same rules. Both together couldnt move me, because i wasn't trying to use the rotators to pull them, but rather the biceps with wrist locked.

Once we got rid of the little sister, she was pretty horny. feel free to use this technique against women LIBERALLY. ;)