Training for Attacking on Angles??

Hi all,

I always hear about attacking on angles, etc....

A friend described it for me that you would come straight on with your initial attack (jab lets say), then step out to the right (assuming you're fighting an orthodox fighter), and finish your combo or attack holes there.

By doing this, doesn't it make you walk right into a left hook assuming the opponent is sharp?

So, how would one work this on a heavy bag? Simply come in with a jab for example, then side step to a cross? I've done it in sparring at times and I definitely like the positioning, just want to get better and more natural with it.

MMA tips are welcome for this as well.


to me that kind of footwork is easier in kickboxing than boxing, cause you have to step to certain angles to even make the kicks possible to land, depending on what you're throwing and all that

i find it easier to do with pads or mitts than on a heavy bag, but i'm far from an expert

thx, anyone else?


well if your worried about getting countered wit the left hook then as your stepin out dip under at the same time

like the easiest way to do it is finish with a right hand then slip under while steppin out to your right
that way if the person is throwin a left hook ur gettin under it

you gotta bend your knees and slip like the shape letter U dont just bend at the waist gotta bend ur knees

you could do it too when throwin a jab or double but the easiest position to do it from is after a straight right hand ,you throw a strraight right then immediatly get undfer and step out

a perfect example of this is wat6ch trinidad/hopkins, hopkins does this beautifuly, everytime hopkins threw a short right hand he would get under and spin out,trinindad waas gettin notin but air with that left hook

but for mma you could walk into a knee doing that so i dunno about doin that too much in mma

if you dont wanna get under then when you step to your right make sure your right hand is covering that side of your face so if he does throw a left hook u can at least block it on the glove

If your opponent knows you are stepping to your right after a jab and is a good boxer, yes, he will take your head off. Boxing is all about changing up your attacks so your opponent doesn't know what punch is coming next.

Be like a skillful pitcher in baseball, don't telegraph what you are going to do.

LOL-It is never quite that simple.

Unfortunately, most people only think of the punch that they are going to throw. Of course, the other guy is going to throw too. Whether he is skilled or not.

So you have to keep your hands up and defend yourself. Parry or block, bob and weave, etc. Anticipate what the opponent will do. It is a chess game and you have to stay a move or two ahead. And throw in combinations.

"Be like a skillful pitcher in baseball, don't telegraph what you are going to do."

Roger Mayweather drills his fighters on how to create angles.