training for upcoming tournament 4/30

i am training for 4th American Cup on April 30th, hosted by Claudio Franca.

i haven't competed in six or seven years. 40 days to the tournament as of today.

at my heaviest i was 245lbs 4.5 yrs ago. now i'm 196 and will be 190 by tournament day. my weight class is 194.5 "medium heavy".

i'm a rusty blue belt under Professor Franca. i am in the "Seniors I" category age wise - that was a surprise. :)

Cheers to everyone out there training for an upcoming tournament.

Good luck man. I'm getting ready for the US Grappling NC State Championships on April 2. About 156 now, will be in the 149 class. I'm an old guy too. :)