Training hard after Bulldog Bite

I am back in training after a severe bite to hand from a bulldog.Never try to break a dog fight up by puting hand in mouth of dog and tring to get him to let go.I should have used a broom handle,the dog put his canine toothe all the way in my hand and crushed my tendons with pressure.
Louden,yes I have had some think he is a pitbull,even an animal control officer.That bite went in deep,I was using heavy bag yesterday and even though outside skin is healed,the inside of bite still is in some pain when striking heavy bag.

I thought bulldogs were one of the best tempered dogs....appparently excellent with kids too. But yea, i would imagine they have nasty bite to them, they are all head and jaws. Did it kill the other dog, or just give it a shit kickin??

I have 2 bulldogs, shit

This was an American Bulldog bite,he is very good to all 5 of my kids and even visitors.Though if they bite it is like a lion or bear bite not a average dog bite.They are usually good with people though.

I have an english and a french and 5 kids

OW! American bulls are beautiful...I bet you hate it when someone asks you where you got your pit???

Just wondering... there's no such breed as American Bulldog. Is it an American Staffordshire Terrier (the infamous pit bull), Bull Terrier (little dog, big odd egg-shaped head), English Bulldog (lots of wrinkles and looks like a frog), or French Bulldog (looks like the English, but smaller and no wrinkles)?

Gi,no it is an American Bulldog.Just look up breed while on net.

Ah, I see, just not AKC recognized.