Training Help!

I know that this goes in the training Forum, I have it there and I just wanted to make sure I got help with this.Well, I have a question for the Training Champs, I'm looking for a routine I can do with what I have at home. Here is what I have to work with. I have 1 45 lb plate with hand grips, 2 20lb dumb bells that are made up of 2 7 lb plates and 2 3 lb plates. I also have Gold Gym rubber bands, Red, Blue, and Black. I believe that the black is the strongest one, then blue, then red. I'm looking for a good routine for MMA that I can do with these. I know it is not the best but this will have to do for awhile.

Sign up at your local MMA school.

I train at the Hive however they don't have any weights yet!

Hey Blmfighter,

I work as a personal trainer in Normal, and I also happen to teach BJJ. I have trained several fighters in the past. If you are interested shoot me an e-mail at With minimal equipment, and at a minimal cost, I could even come over to the your school and do some things with a group of your fighters. Just thought I would throw it out there.