Training in Alice Springs

Just posting on the behalf of a BJJ student who's training in Alice Springs.. Only a handful of people training any grappling, so if by chance there's some interest contact -

training at the YMCA Mondays n Wednesdays at 6.30pm plus Saturdays if anyone wants a free roll.

whats that like?? isnt it over 40 degrees most days

Yeh, but it's a dry heat!!

You might be suprised to find quality Wrestling in Alice Springs, there is a large contingent of ex-pat Americans based there for the Joint Defence Space Research Facility (Pine Gap).

Also there is no rules training, every 2nd Thursday afternoon, generally in the Todd St Mall :)



Try posting on the Defence Notice board (Ben Mallia can do it for you).

I pity those fools in Alice, Ben has only one speed when he rolls, Tassie Devil speed!

Yeah, good thoughts Joe, and thanks Gerald.

And yeah, true that, he did a good Taz impression.

Say hi to Ben.

I was in Alice about 5 years ago and did some work there with the guys at the YMCA. Grant ???, can't remember his name but is an ex TKD guy that as I found out, trained under the same banner as I did. Not a bad bloke if he still there. (forgot his name sorry). I was no real master of the mat at the time and still aren't, but he held his own. Taught me something.

Say hi to the guys from Westies Cricket Club for me too if you get the chance!