Training in Boston

i'll be working in boston for a couple of weeks in june, and 5 or 6 weeks in july/august and i was wondering where you guys recommend i go to train bjj. to be more specific, i'll be working at the TD BankNorth Garden, so anywhere that's good and close to there would be awesome.

thanks in advance.

What are you doing at the Garden?

playing hockey, duh!

jk (obviously). we're auditing the bruins.

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Come over to Boston BJJ in Newton (Gracie Barra Boston). We have gi and no gi classes as well as muay thai. Tons of upper belts to train with. Open 7 days.

dunno how close that is to alston, but definitely check out dave ginsberg
at waikru ( )

2 of the recommendations above are guys who started in Boston Bjj.

There's a BTT club in Boston:

is there anything on the cape? I'll be there end of July.

don't be hijacking my thread murdoch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Murdoch, someone listed our site above. We are at the top of the Cape, actually much closer to the Cape that to Boston.


GracieBarra Boston BJJ is awesome. Just look at their schedule, it is stacked! And as one of the first still running BJJ clubs on the east coast, they have a great pool of talent and higher belts training every day.

You just cannot go wrong with them!

I went to a self defense seminar at Gracie Barra Boston a month or so ago that was excellent. Unfortunately I live and work on the North Shore so it would be difficult to get in there regularly.

I signed up for Muay Thai and BJJ at Sityodtong which is much easier for me to get to and has been great so far. You could get there on the Orange Line T right from North Station nearby the Garden if you wanted to check it out.

It seems like there are a ton of great options that are all worth checking out.

tons of options which i would expect from a big city!

how far is boston gracie barra from TD BankNorth Garden though?

It's somewhat further away from Boston, but you can take the green line from the north station to get there. Sityodtong is probably easiest/closest to access for you if you want to use public transportation.

On the other hand, if you are interested in pure BJJ, Sityodtong only offers couple of no-gi classes per week, but the quality is high. For example bjj blackbelts such as Kenny & Keith Florian train there. Of course GracieBarra Boston BJJ is the place where they got their black belts from, so you might go directly to the source.

gracie barra sounds like the place, especially since i'm interested in doing gi bjj. i see its about 20 minutes from the city and you're saying to take public transportation. is that easy? i've never been to boston and rarely use public transportation.

a colleague of mine told me that they spoke to a friend of theirs who said that it would take me an hour to get from boston to newton (for gracie barra). they said the train would take forever!

is this true? i won't have any other means of transportation other than public and/or cab rides. how the f*ck does it take an hour to get somewhere less than 10 miles away?!?!?!?!