Training in Brasil??

I've recently been thinking of going to Brasil for a little while just to live somehwere else and experience a new environment. OF course I would be training there and just had a question about going to the different schools. Can anyone just walk into lets say Chute Boxe academy or the original Gracie school and just say "id like to start training here" or is it more reserved for elite fighters and people who have been training there. Im thinking that it would be open to the public but was just wondering, any of you guys know or have ever trained at a place such as those???

Thanks Blandy. I checked that out seems pretty cool and fairly inexpensive.

It is hard to beat the Gracie Camp. I was there in August and had a blast. What was written in the article is straight up. It was great, and they treat you great.

Nice. Sounds good. Thats pretty much what ive been thinkin about for the past day. Itd be a nice month long vacation after a lot of bullshit. I would want to hit up some other schools too like chute boxe and kioto.

personally id like to strcture my vacation to where i had a lot of flexibility.. to train where and when i wanted, as well as do other activities whenever i wanted. the graciecamp looks really cool, but you dont need something packaged like that to have a great experience.