Training in Calgary, in Alberta

Hey guys,

I'm just checkin' out places for grad school, and was curious about the training scene in Calgary (thinking about the University of Calgary).

I'm looking for any bjj, sub-grappling, judo or any Muy Thai / Vale Tudo programs or schools.

Any info or suggestions?



Try Brain Byrds school. national bjj cant go wrong there

We train for MMA/VT primarily @ Canuckles. For straight Muay Thai try Dabphichai Thai Boxing in Bowness.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Fight Club is the best option in Calgary. We also have a satelite club at the U of C.

Next week we'll be having two time world champion Esfiha training us for five days, can't go wrong there...

#1, 3220 5th Ave NE

do you have a website?

While I am sure that there are many fine schools in Calgary I have personal experience with only Brian Byrd's school. They have a great bjj program (mostly no gi) under Roy Harris, and a friendly bunch of guys.

Check out

Stephan Kesting

We have a Website but still under construction...

You can check out Esfiha's website since he'll be down here next week teaching us and on a regular basis after that: