Training in Calgary?

Hi there, I have a female student who is leaving the Caique Chicks to move back home to Calgary for awhile. She is looking for a place to keep up her training. Does anyone know of a BJJ School in Calgary? I would like to pass this information on to her!

Jessica Ross


National BJJ in Calgary has a women's BJJ program. The classes are run by Sheila Bradish who is a certified instructor under Roy Harris ( Check out for some info on the club.

Cool, thanks a lot for the information. I'm sorry to see one of my girls from my team go, but I'm glad there is a home for her too!


Jessica Ross

TTT for National BJJ!!! :)


TTT again, gawddammit!


There's also Alex Roque's BJJ club:

Classes are out of:

Black Dragon Karate and Kickboxing
Unit 1, 3220 - 5th Avenue NE


There is also Canuckles run by Max Marin. He has female classes but I think they are more directed towards MMA. Some ground and some stand up. Am I right in that Chad?

the surfer is correct.

i ll be teaching some time in jan in calgary at alex's club, so u can get in hold with him or my self at
thanks esfiha

ttt for alex and Esfiha. If you get a cahnce to roll with Esfiha you won't be disapointed!!


TTT for Jessica (PUFF)

She's HOTT!!!

Esfiha will be teaching at our club on a regular basis, can't beat that!!

We also have a few girls training at our club as well as some of the cities top competitors. Our classes are small, our team is excellent!

Also offered at our club are boxing and kickboxing classes, best instruction in town!

Give us a call, (403) 240 9870 talk to Alex.

BJJ Fight Club,
@ Black Dragon Karate and Kickboxing
#1, 3220 5th Ave NE

classes run Mon & Wed 8-10, Fri 7-9, Saturday after 12:30 is open mat training, and Sunday at 3 is kids class.

Alex Roque

If Jessica is hot, she'll fit right in! all our girls are hot at the Fight Club!!

I train at nbjj and would say go there but the best advice is call or check out the three clubs listed and they will speak the best as to which is the best fit.