training in Daytona , Florida??

I have a fight on the 29th of this month. I have to be in Daytona for some work shit. But I want to train. Standup or ground, doesnt matter. Any takers?

come on guys


You can train with me and my guys but we are 45 miles from Daytona in Orlando.
If your interested email me at


Rich Crunkilton is in Daytona. Find him.

I'm in the JJ club at ERAU in Daytona. Probably not the caliber of training you are looking for, but you are more than welcome to stop by.

whats ERAU ?? Just want to roll and keep the cardio good all weekend. Where is Rich Crunkleton??

Thanks Jamie, but its too far to drive.

Come by and check us out in Orlando.


Embry Riddle Aeronauticle University

Just so the invit is out there, Gracie Barra Orlando

thanks for the answers guys. TTT for a place to train in Daytona. Any contact info ERAU ??






Man, I feel like a total ass. I just got back from rolling. ERAU is adjacent to the Daytona Airport which is adjacent to the racetrack. Our next meeting will be on tues at 8pm if you are still interested.

Rich Crunkleton(sp)is supposedly about 10 minutes south in New Smyrna Beach. I have been meaning to go check the place out but haven't had the time...or directions.

Sorry I missed your past, I usually check the forum.

past= post

seth, call my ass

do you have the # ??

im here right now, ill come tomorrow and train. monday too