Training in Denmark??

I have a friend in Viborg, Denmark. He is real interested in learning mma. I told him i'd ask about it since i know there are so many scandanavian fighters on here. Thanks guys.

ttt, help me out guys :)

if your gonna view, at least help me keep it up....

You can tell him to visit, the forum there has most of the top danish MMA guys and representitives from most of the gyms i believe.

This gym in Viborg belongs to the scandinavian Shooters organisation. They are very serious and well organised.

City: 8800 Viborg

School: Shootfighting Viborg

Manager: Pedersen Bo


Phone: +45 97 402202

Thier are other good gyms and organisations all over Denmark, but I am not sure on the contact info...

Try forum or