training in edmonton

I am looking for a place to roll. My money situation is brutal so I cannot sign a contract.

I am looking for a place that will allow drop ins, privates, monthly, open mat, or something other than a yearly contract. Even a training buddy who wants to train is good enough.

Desperate for some jiu jitsu. Please help.

Hey man, shoot me an email, my name is Matt and I'm heading out there in a month or so to visite my brother. I will only be in town for a week or so, but I'll want to train as much as possible while I'm there, my backround is Jiu Jitsu.

P.S. I hope you don't mind training with a skinny runt!


Bernie Antle helps run a sambo club at the Garrison
Base in Edmonton.

Thanks guys,

I will send you mail tommorow pigdog.

You can check out Arashi-Do.

We got a pretty good thing going on.

Lot's of training times, and the price is average


anyone train at the sniper gym?

i do, pigdog
sniper team trains at Arashido... two locations in Edm,, & good mix of guys

call Mike from the post above ya... he'll hook ya up

Thanks Mike

Cool, one of the guys know's my brother Andrew Leo
I'm coming out to train with you guys for a bit I think.




Cherrypicker:  I've been training at Arashido for just over 2 years and I'll say-  It's an AWESOME club to train at.  Good instruction, awesome people, really good atmosphere.

And to top it off- if you have the time, you can train A LOT!  Definately get in touch with Mike. 

PS.  So where you from Cherrypicker? 

Thanks Die.  I am from the west end of Edmonton.  I checked out the website.  Looks good.  My only concern is that it seems like the jiu jitsu taught is a combo of japanese and brazilian.  I have to call Mike to find out as I am only interested in BJJ.

Hey Cherrypicker. Mike here

We teach BJJ at our school. Arashi-Do that is.

classes are mon/wed 7-8 BJJ 8-9 shoot Northside

tues/thurs 7-8 BJJ 8-9 shoot Southside

Call me 220-5425

See ya there