Training in Europe


Was looking for advice on good places to train in Europe. More specifically, has anyone been to train in Germany, France, or Czech Rep? Any info would be helpful.


Were these places you could just show up to?

I have been all over and trained all over Europe, but in order to fill
you in more, I would need to ask what your level is. There is no
way in the world i would send you to Paris P&G, or a couple of
clubs in Munich. Are you a regular dojo guy, a regional
competitor, and if you are a national level guy I should know you
and then I can give a bit better advice.


Actually guys, I really don't compete much, but I'd say my level would be good enough to not get murdered at most clubs. Although I'd stay away from Meiji, Tokai, Nichidai, etc..b/c they are honestly out of my leauge, I have been to Munich and trained at Grosshadern and did fine there. Hope that helps give a better understading.


A friend of mine trained at what he called the Berlin Sports Club and like it. They have different levels of classes, from beginner to elite (their team).

Ben Reinhardt


Do you have a website for Racing Judo Club in Paris? or a contact name of someone at the dojo that either me or my coach could write/call?

Also, what clubs would you recommend in Moscow?


Moscow clubs that I go to:

Boretz- Judo/Sambo run by one of my best friends Igor Kurinnoy


Acaademy of Sport and Exercise
formerly the Lenin Institute of Physical Culture and Sport.

I could assist you getting into these clubs (especially Boretz)


Thanks, I might have to take you up on that.

"I would stay away from Nichidai for the same reasons as Meiji."

That's interesting, because Nichidai Sumo is the total opposite. They are very accommodating and friendly. I was there for 2 wks a few years back. Gaijin come through there all the time. Same with Meiji, although they are not as well known as Nichidai.

any university or anyplace around the world can be a nightmare for anybody at any given time. some places are very hard on you if you dont have somebody vouching for you that they know well.

othertimes you'll run into some players who just outright hate foreigners even if you are there under somebody else's good name. a lot of the time though, you are just going to be over your head no matter where you go and the only thing you can do is suck it up and do your best. especially dont let people beat on you plysically. being thrown is 1 thing, physically beat on is another. fight back, even let it get a dirty if necessary. i know it sounds messed-up to say, but sometimes its the only way to protect yourself.



Looks like I am headed to Moscow (and Prague) during January. I would like to train at the clubs you mentioned, would you mind discussing them with me. my email address is



Send me an email at

Detail your background: age, which arts you have trained in, tentative dates in Moscow. I will then email Igor basically introducing you. After that you can start emailing Igor directly. His english for the most part is very understandable. I will always be available to help you out with any questions that you might have.