Training in FlagStaff, AZ?

I'm trying to find info for a friend whos at grad. school in FlagStaff.

What kind of training is available. I've looked in's database and nothing is that close to flagstaff?

any help would be appreciated.

ttt's too.

ttt, Chris, who is this for?

not positive, but i think only ..........karate

Chris.....when I was in Flag up until '98, there were no MMA schools anywhere.

You might check out the rec. center on the NAU campus. There may still be guys who roll there on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Just ask the person at the counter.

From what I hear, they were still doing them up until 2002.

Otherwise, Phoenix is your next option.

No BJJ, but more Yoga than you could ask Buddha for closeby in Sedona.

Paging Sticks, Sticks to the UG.

The Raul is in Prescott and what happened to Judson's school?

hmmm. was hoping for a little more. isn't phoenix like a 2 hr drive from flagstaff?

Chris, being from Sedona I can tell you that there isnt shit in flagstaff lol. LOL @ The Raul......what great times Riggs and I had in Vegas with Raul......there is a kenpo school that does somedecent standup stuff, and James Attwood is up there, as well as Robert Beraum I think they still roll around. PHX is where its at, northern AZ sucks as far as mma, but go to sedona, and say hello to my folks for me, as i am freezing with you assholes in Mass.

I'm up at NAU but I'm leaving to come back down to PHX for a month today. If you want to email me at I can give you the # and directions to a boxing gym in Flag. They workout almost every night but there isn't anyone that good. As far as mma your out of luck until I get back into town and I'd be more than happy to this guy any good??