Training in Germany

Does anyone know of any BJJ training, instructors or students in the Baumholder area? Any help would greatly be appreciated. You can post here or email me at




This is SSG Bradley from 1/4 INF Hohenfels. Did you get my message on the BJJ/Subgrappling tournament in OCT? My hotmail has been pretty screwy lately, mainly because of spam.

Yes I did. Both my brother and I have tried repeatedly to contact you through your email, but it always gets returned. Neil wants to compete and is desperately seeking training partners.

How far are you from Baumholder?

If you have better contact info on yourself, email me with it.

Additionally, I will be over that way hopefully in the next 4 months and will be teaching seminars.


Sent you an email through my AKO account. Use that one.

I'm about 3hrs from Baumholder, basiclly on the other side of Germany. But I am always up for roadtrips so if you come over I will head down that way.