Training In Iraq: A soldiers Story

SGT Adam Wilson is currently in Iraq, training Iraqi soldiers who will be
put in charge of defending their homes. Whatever your politics and
feelings on the war happen to be, please be aware that there are heroic
individuals over there who are trying to the best they can, and we think
this is a really inspirational story of how one person is using his love of
Jiu Jitsu and MMA to try to make a difference. This is also a call to
action, and at the end of the article you are moved as we are there is
an opportunity that you can help make a difference as well.

Pictures and video on the website!

We need your help! Here’s what you can do!

This is a threefold request. First off, anyone that has an old gi that you
don't need or use anymore, we are requesting that you send it to us.
These gi's can be well worn, have holes in them, but need to be
"wearable". We will box all the gi's up and send them to him in
Baghdad. We will do the same with used gear and equipment. The
address to send them to is:

613 Durrett Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

Second request, any vendor who wants to contribute any products,
(fight shorts, rashguards, shin pads, gloves, etc.) please send them to
us and we will make sure they get to Baghdad. Of course they will
know who they came from because your logo will be on them.

Third request, if you don't have any used equipment but want to help
out with giving a few dollars for us to get them new stuff, please give
us a call at 615-834-7927.

Many thanks to Regina Clay of /
for caring so much and for first organizing this gear drive!

Hey, I'm a airman serving, can I get some gear? lol