Training in Irvine/Palmdale?

 Hey guys, I have a buddy who is in Irvine (first) then Palmdale, CA this summer and he's looking for places to train. Where do you guys like and why?


I'd check Reign in Lake Forrest. It shouldn't be more than a 15 minute drive from anywhere in Irvine.

 Thanks, LM!

btw, I just asked him if he had access to a car and he doesn't. So...he's in SCal without a car...basically he needs a gym across the street to get to, right? :)

Yeah, that could be a problem. Public transporation maybe?

 Yeah, I'm telling him to look into how to get there via public transportation because if it was me, I'd check out Reign as well. Mark Munoz seems to be putting a lot of passion into that place

Team Oyama looks like a good gym as well. I don't know anything about them first hand, but I haven't heard anything bad about them either. They're located in Irvine.

16632 Hale Avenue, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92606

Layzie might be able to chime in and give some recommendations. He seems to have a lot of connections with good gyms in SoCal.

If you want to train BJJ visit the Gracie Barra HQ in Irvine! Phone Post

 Thanks guys! I'll pass both along. I do know of Oyama, no personal experience there or with folks from there, and saw that Barra had a place out there. If it's hq, I'm assuming it's Feitosa?


 Thanks Kirik!

 no car might be a problem.   palmdale and irvine are about 100 miles from each other.