Training in Japan with Rumina Sato!

for my next upcoming fight at Call Out MMA 2 November 14th in Ontario California. Thanks to all my sponsors that made this trip happen. I have been blogging daily with photos of the trip and training at

Blue nammer please imbded the link.

sorry the last post got deleted somehow.

Thanks UG!

Chad "Savage" George


Fore-arm choke INM(unexperienced)O.


day 8 training blog now up!

Flying armbar or flying triangle choke FTW.

Awesome experience


TTT for Chad George or as the Japanese call him D'arce Vader

Thanks guys..its been an awesome experience so off to run!



This place used to have lots of quality threads like this one...

very cool...






Holy shit man!...sounds like we are having the same trip!?!,..I was just at BJ's Groundslam yesterday!!,..swap ROOTS for Shotting Gym Hakkei and we are doing the same thing. Ha ha..

- Juggs