Training in La Jolla, CA?

I'm looking for a place to train BJJ, Muay Thai, or MMA in La Jolla, California (just outside of San Diego). I am a first year UCSD student without access to a car, so distance is the most limiting factor: the dojo would have to be within biking distance, or near a bus line. Price is a factor (I'm a poor University student, after all...), but not the end all be all.

Can anyone help me out? I haven't done any sort of martial arts for over a quarter, and I'm dying to get back in the game!

I don't think there are any big schools in La Jolla..or if any

Sorry about your transportation situation..

Not necessarily looking for a big school, so long as the instructor is knowledgeable. Thanks for the info on City Boxing---now I just need to check if any buses run to there.

ttt for anyone else

Purple and Browns under Roy Harris teach BJJ on campus it's free to UCSD students. If you want more info email me.

San Diego area there is:
Dean Lister
Charlie Kohler
Tony Galindo

Vernon "Tiger" White in Imperial Beach right off the % on Palm Ave.
Boxing Zone is the palce, tons of mats, 2 Boxing rings.


how long has vernon had his own place? is it the same little spot in I.B. where Galindo had the Lion's Den for a while?