Training in Las Vegas?

Anybody from the Las Vegas area that can offer some information on places to train there? I will be there this week and looking for a place to train while visiting.

The only places I am aware of are J-Sect and Las Vegas Combat Club...anybody here have any experience with either place they can share?

Thanks for any information.

I trained at LVCC the last time I was there. The vibe was great, and Sergio is one of the nicest instructors out there

Thanks, I was just checking out their website and it looked like a good place.

Come by and check out Cobra Kai, its a new gym by Marc Laimon. Go to and check out the site

Thanks useless, any info on price for a couple classes? It would be Thursday and Friday evenings, I see they offer no-gi grappling from like 8:15-9:30. That would probably be best for me because I'll be working during the day.

cherokee- Marc is super cool about everything, give the gym a call (probably tomorrow) and talk to him. He'll take care of you.

Thanks, I will do that. :)

cool let me know how it goes

I'll call out there and see what I can find out. I know it's kind of last minute and all, but it looks like Marc's gym is real close to where I will be staying at.

Have you trained at any of the other Las Vegas gyms? I really appreciate your info.

"Have you trained at any of the other Las Vegas gyms?"

I use to train at J-Sect. Its a good gym but I like Cobra Kai better. But thats just my opinion.

Cobra Kai is the best gym in Vegas...


Las Vegas Combat Club

I hope l can get out there and train for a week in June. Trying to trick my soon to be wife it would be a good holiday after our wedding.

Jaysun is correct

cobra kai is a great academy...j-sect is good too never been to combat club...but if your closer to cobra kai no doubt go roll over there mark is awesome. he even has some rock wall climbing.he knows the best technique's

Cobra Kai is the best! Marc Laimon is an
awesome trainer!

anybody have a contact number for Cobra Kai? I can't find it anywhere on his site, or

Thanks everybody for your help.

try his website

HERE'S THE NUMBER 702395 4567 make sure to tell em Mayhem Miller sent you. I'm really not exaggerating when I say it's the best gym in Vegas. it may be the best place to learn Ju Jitsu in the United States (and I've been everywhere)


cobra kai, great gym and teaching. marc laimon is the man. his website is awesome too!