Training in law school?

Hey guys,

I'm just curious, how often do you, or did you train in law school? I took most off the first year off, and all of the first semester second year off, and am now trying to work bjj back into my schedule. I'm hoping that now that the first year is over, and fall recruiting is done, I will have more time to train.

Ideally, I'd like to train 3X a week, but I'm not sure if that's possible.

Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks.


I started training 3rd year, and went about 5-6x/week.

I think during 2nd semester of 2nd year, if you've got your summer offer already, you can definitely fit in 3x/week. If you're still looking for a summer associate position, it'll be tough.


Thanks for the reply. I'm surprised you were able to work in 5-6X a week - that's how I was training in college. That's very encouraging. Maybe 3X a week will be manageable. Thanks again.


Xtina is not to be trusted.

Thank heaven you finally cut that mop on your head, bjjguy.

Says who?

Just remember--grades don't matter, and you can get a job anywhere you want--you don't even have to graduate!

No, seriously, if your third year was anything like mine, you'll have plenty of time to train.

The People's Knee,

Thanks for the heads up, I agree about the hair. Also, thanks for letting my brother train last night, I think he is going to sign up.


Hope you're right, I'm trying to get all of my required courses out of the way by the end of this year (my second), and have a more relaxed schedule my third year.