Training in Manchester England

Like it says, I'll be out there from the 17th-20th of this month.

Anybody know of any clubs a couple of canadians can do a little rolling.

Somewhere close to the "Lowrey"? hotel would be good.


Mike Yackulic

I'd recommend the Straight Blast Gym ran by Karl Tanswell.

Karl is a badass, funny too

Definately Karls Gym. Or Revolution Gym in Stockport near Manchester. Headr good things about them too.


Ask over on - lads over there will be able to help you better.

I trained with Karl Tanswell at a seminar here in Ireland. Good guy, brown belt in BJJ I believe.

If you get near oldham (outside manchester) - pop by quannum gym ( It's run by the Butlin twins and the facilities there are great. Boxing ring, cage, grappling area, full sized gym. It's more of a striking orientated gym as the lads are great boxers, and I'd imagine moreso since Leigh Remedios moved away from there - but I'm sure the guys there still roll alot. Ian is fighting in Cage Rage this summer, so he's obviously training all ranges intensively.