Training in Missoula, MT

I was way off on the other thread. Anyone know any places to train or fight camps near Missoula, Montana? Thanx

thanx ttt for more answers my friend just moved there needs place to train muay thai bjj boxing wrestling anything


"Try Jim harison in missoula"

Josh Barnett trained there before moving to AMC.

Jim Harrison's dojo. The guy is a legend. He is Josh Barnett's sensei. We drove up from South Dakota and trained for a few days there. He was recommended by Bob Wall and Chuck Norris, personally. Bruce Lee said
"Jim Harrison is the last guy I would want to run into in a dark alley". Great all around trainer and school. Knows the old school tricks and the new stuff.
Swat teams, Green Berets, you name it, they are sent up to him to train.

And he can chop in half a burning beer bottle full of gasoline.


go to

under the links you can contact the two different places that are doing jiu-jitsu/boxing etc.