Training in Montreal

I just moved to Montreal, what are some good MMA schools here? I am looking more for MMA, but if there is a good BJJ school that would be good too. Does GSP have a school?

why would you want to train in a city like montreal? take up partying!!

Gamma, tristar- both have websites, use the interweb to your advantage

Haha I have been partying. Do any of the pros actually train there/teach classes or are they just affiliated? And are the classes/gym talk in French or English?

Gamma and Tristar are your best bets.

Gamma is more bjj oriented and Tristar is more standup/mma oriented. Very well known pro's train at both places.

gamma's website is

tristar's website is

the environment is english mostly however its not uncommon to hear french all the time

Anyone train at either Gamma or Tristar?

I do BJJ at Gamma. Top notch coach and excellent training partners. For MMA you should attend the no-gi BJJ classes.

And it's right downtown too, so that's really convenient.


I live just down the street from Gamma so that is probably the best bet. I definitely want no-gi though and maybe some MMA so if the quality is better for that at Tristar I would be willing to travel (though from the sound of it Gamma is very good).



the best judo school in canada is there. for bjj, there is also,

koji murakami, a bjj blackbelt trained by a carlson team member.

once at a bar in montreal i saw a couple of lesbians wrestling in jello!

yup. gamma, tristar. also for sambo there is club kozak. best sambo school in canada.

the new peel pub sucks. too many tourists.

Yusul: To which judo school do you refer?

Club de Judo Shidokan. it's the official olympic training centre for judo in canada. hiroshi nakamura and nicholas gill are the instructors.