Training in N.J.?

My fiance's family leaves in way south Jersey, in farmland, but pretty close to Philly. Small town of Pittsgrove, Vineland's decent size, and it's right by Vineland.

Anyways, she wants to move back, and we're even getting married out there... anything, anything at all there? There is/was a JKD school with CSW classes in Vineland but I don't even know if it's still open?

There's a plethora of schools in Philly, but that's a bitch and a half to make the drive a couple times a week...

Any schools for me?


Jeff hell yea I want to make the trip up! If you guys have room for one more, or know anyone else in our area that is heading and and would be willing to carpool then i'm in. Not only that, I know a few guys that wrestled with Rich or were his buddies at Hofstra that would really want to see his debut.

Max - there's a Judo academy in Vineland, if you're interested in that......

I'd love to do Judo... are they any good? Or is it cheezy YMCA Judo with no Ne-Waza?


I dont know for sure how many of the guys will be making the trip up for his fight.

Stop by in the next week or 2 and I'm sure we can arrange for a few to travel together.

Dave Adiv @ the Basking Ridge YMCA is the best Jiu Jitsu teacher in New Jersey!!!! About 40 miles south of Sussex. Well, worth the trip from Newton.

Planet JJ is the best place to go and learn in NJ.
The atmosphere is second to none with no egos and everyone in the class helps eachother. Jeff Miller gives 100% to every student that comes through his door, no matter if you have been going there for years or its your first day. If you want to train and learn in nj you will find no better.
Just remember to eat your wheaties before you go. Between Glen, Rich, and some of the other giants who roam there you are gauranteed to get a nice work out.

Go to to find Dave's school or one of his affiliates. David Adiv is clearly one of the highest ranked Brazilain Jiu Jitsu teachers in NJ.

Max - The Vineland club is pretty well-regarded, although I dunno how newaza conscious it is. Both places I train - Maxercise in Phila. and Brick PAL - are very newaza intensive. We spend at least 50 percent of every class on groundwork. The senseis explain the moves in Judo and BJJ contexts.

BTW - both of my Judo schools are about 50 miles from my house. I also want to start BJJ at Ricardo Almeida's in Willingboro.