Training in Nebraska?

I'll be here for a month visiting some family. Are there any places here in Nebraska to train? BJJ, wrestling, boxing, ANYTHING!!! I'm like 5 mins from the air force base. if anyone has info please e-mail me. thanks

I don't know where the airbase is, but I know there are some
Team Vaghi guys in Omaha.

Fit 4 life gym in Council Bluffs is the best IMO. Some of the top fighters in the state train out of this gym, along with the Vaghi guys. Midwest martial art center out on 144th and harrison is good as well.

We have an upcoming MMA event on Thursday May 6th at Harrah's casino headlining Jeremy Horn. Everyone that you need to get ahold of in reguards to training will be there.

Check it out at

Victory Jay - Grappling columinist/fight promoter/Nebraska native

I'm in Bellevue, Nebraska. like 5 mins from offutt, AFB.

directions to the place anyone?...

Victory Jay is Correct

nova1, you can contact me at I will give you address and directions if you need them.

BJJ Classes are Monday, Wednesday 7:30pm - 9pm Saturday 12pm to 1:30pm

Gi is preferred but if you don't have one, it is not a big deal

You may want to come early, and work out payment or whatever with the Fit4Life guys. If you are here for less than a week, you can get a week trial membership and just walk in for free!!

There is also Prairie life center on 84th and Q where guys train mma. Some of the guys train both there and Fit 4 Life. I'm a member there, not sure what the drop in fee is or if you could get a 1 month membership. Sometimes they have summer specials.

Take I-80 West into Omaha exit at 84th street go South (left if you are coming from bellevue)to Q street It is on the SouthWest corner of 84th and Q.


hey victory, loved the article in grappling this month. i know you have told me parts of that story before, but i love that behind the scenes type stuff. good job bro!

Any wrestling clubs in the area?


There is the Golden Eagels wrestling club, in Council Bluffs. Owened by the best wrestling coach around Keith Massey. He is training some wrestlers there for the Olympic Trials, I will be there training tonight shoot me an email At

Jay you have an opponet ready for Jazz yet?

sorry i havent responded yet guys,kinda busy right now.. i will respond within the week though...

thanks alot guys..