Wanted some UG input...

I haven't trained in over a decade (I'm 29) and I want to get back into it. All I've ever done is striking, I feel completely comfortable on my feet, but I want to become more well-rounded. I also want to get in a great workout, etc. I'm debating between Muay Thai, Judo, and BJJ.

Which is most likely to lead to training injuries? I can't be coming into the office every week with a fresh black eye, unfortunately. And a broken hand or wrist would keep me from doing my job. I know BJJ risks serious joint injury, but Muay Thai training pracitcally guarantees a hundred minor injuries a year, yes? What about judo?

I live near Greenspoint, any good schools for these arts near me?

Also, I work 11-8, so training during the week might be out?

How much should I expect to spend per month to train a couple of times a week?

Any input would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, looks good from their website.

Any other ideas?

All right, I'll google him, thanks.

Any input on the injury risks? I'm starting to think Muay Thai is probably out, as I said I can't work with a broken hand. What about judo versus BJJ in terms of serious injury risk? I would guess BJJ is more likely?

Eric Williams is (281) 558-7399. Talk to him or HAI.

He's a brown belt instructor there. On Westheimer a
couple blocks past the beltway (if you're going away
from the galleria area). They're killer, ...bunch of
good guys.

Houston area there is only one answer and thats Yves Edwards and you can reach him at

That thought has crossed my mind about Yves, I'm a huge fan...

Any more schools or any advice on which style to pick???

This is the website for Yves gym:

The BJJ instructors Tim Credeur and Jeff Messina are just sick!!! AJ is a damn good basic kickboxing instructor as well. Yves, well he is Yves. They all have bios at the website above. Not to mention I train there, doesn't everyone here want to punch me?

TexArcher, All of these are combative sports and will lead to injury if your not careful. Finding a safe place to train where you have good people to train with that understand working good technique is very helpful. Watching a class and talking to the other studetns would be the first step.

My personal opinion is that judo puts your body at the most risk of injury because of the constant falling. I have done all 3 and still do MT and BJJ. BJJ would be the best if you can find a good school.

One of the best BJJ instructor you will find is in Sugarland. Not sure how close you are but please check out Leonardo Xavier if you can.

Good luck and glad to see you getting back into training.

saul's new gym is downtown near minute maid park. it is an excellent facility. there are classes nightly.