Training in Oklahoma City?

A friend of a friend is v interested in training in Oklahoma City. Anyone
have any leads on fight gyms or garages?

Hands down, the best in the area!

Titan is in Tulsa. Two hour drive away.

In Oklahoma City you have Lovato's School of BJJ. Home of Rafael Lovato Jr., probably the finest American gi competitor right now. He's got a great, friendly group of guys there as well. One of the top schools anywhere, not just in OK. Lovato's Website

Thanks man! Looks great.

Titan is in Norman, not Tulsa.

I flew into Tulsa for Lovato's not too long ago not even thinking that OK would have more than one major city! LOL! He actually came and got me and it was about a two hour trip each way.

At any rate, point being the Titan guys are cool as well, but if you're in Oklahoma City, Lovato's is way, way closer, and Rafael Lovato Jr. is one of America's finest for sure.

You would fly in for OMA's privates?

Titan is in OKC

Triton is in Tulsa

Lovato's is a very fine school in OKC.

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Lovato's is excelent!

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Trained there over xmas vacation 2 years ago.

Great training, great facility, great people - students and teachers.

I was in OKC to corner a couple of teammates over the weekend and was fortunate enough to do a private with Raphael Lovato Senior. Awesome coach and a really nice guy. Anyone who visits OKC should stop by and train.