Training in Prince Gerorge

I may be moving there. I would hate to stop training because sometimes I think it's the only thing that keeps me sane. Wreslting, bjj, submission wreslting anything.

Murray Sholty, is he in PG?

There also used to be a place called the PG Fight Club I think.

What am I doing responding to this I know nothing about PG, Murray is a cool guy though and a pretty good fighter.

The PG Fightclub is the only MMA oriented club in Prince George. We also run the Extreme Fighting Challenge ever year. Sadly though the club burnt to the ground Tuesday morning. The boys will continue to train out of 24 hour fitness until other arrangements can be made. For more info contact Bill Mahood @ 613-7571

PG FIGHTCLUB for sure.

Another great place to train is Northern Capital Judo club.They have alot of blackbelts and wrestling champions at the national level that train there.They focus alot on ground work the coach is an extremly good person.
If your looking for straight MMA the fightclub is good because you have the freedom to learn at a high pace with alot of one on one training.

Just walk around PG and you won't have a hard time finding fights!

I'll second the suggestion for North Capital Judo. If gi grappling/bjj is what you're looking for, then the closest thing in PG is NCJ. It's also the place that Murray Sholty trains at these days.

For MMA, as others have mentioned, the only option is the PG Fight Club. Fortunately, they're a good group of guys and lots of fun to train with. I don't know of anyone who is more dedicated to MMA than Bill Mahood.