Training in Rio...

So it looks like I'm going to be going to Rio for six months.

Has anyone who's been there got any advice for a none Portuguese speaking JJ fan?

Are gyms really on every street corner? Do I just turn up and train? Is the rivalry between, say, Carlson and Barra really as big as they say? If so, does that mean you can't bounce between one class and another? And if you have, for example, trained under a Carlson instructor, would only Carlson accept you, or would Barra let you in?

Or is there anywhere better to train?


Bitches and beeches I'm quite willing to work out when I get there.

don't have an attitude, and never ask a black belt to spar. That's all I know

A guy I train with was just down there. Check out his website.

barra is extremely friendly to us americanos.. safe area and many guys speak english.. there is always visitors there too... also check out

Carlos Garcie Jr will take care of you.

Limmer, I find it difficult to imagine walking into a Rio gym with an attitude, so that shouldn't be a problem. But why don't you get to roll with the Black Belts? Or is it just that you can't ask.

SuperMarioSak, it's Thanks. I look forward to it.

I'll just check out the laptoptraveller now.

Thanks all. More info if you have it.