training in rochester, ny

I am looking for a place to do judo, bjj, or submission wrestling. or to train with someone I come into town to visit my girlfriend every month or so and stay about 1 week

email me or give me a shout.

She lives in Clyde, NY, close to exit I-90 exit 41

Ps Kyle Saunder BJJ club is a bit too far for me.


My place is about an hour from you, and you are certainly welcome to drop in. I do not know of anything that is closer to you. Good luck.

- Kyle

Peloton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

taught by Alliance/Team Jacare BJJ Black Belt Alexandre "Grandao" Dos Santos Dantas.
Its in Spencerport, NY (just outside of Rochester, NY)

Don't forget about Empire Judo. They do a lot of Judo, MMA, and Sambo.